Tiger The Bhai
Tiger The Bhai
Tiger The Bhai
Tiger The Bhai
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Suitable for anyone over 9 years old.

May contain
  • Infrequent and mild occurrences of fantasy violence
  • Mild physical intimacy such as kissing
  • Need for downloads or online communication between people

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Tiger The Bhai


Action - 0.47 MB



This game is published by Jump Games. (Tiger, a secret agent, is out to find and rescue his lady love. Time is running out; Will Tiger rescue his Lover?)Disclaimer: This software is not owned or developed by Nokia. Nokia makes no representations or warranties for it, including but not limited to the warranties of performance, or that it will not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights. This game and service is provided by Tom Online, Jing ICP 010287.

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