Diabolic by Soumya
Diabolic by Soumya
Diabolic by Soumya
Diabolic by Soumya
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Content is generally suitable for small children, but parental guidance is recommended.

May contain
  • Mild cartoon violence
  • Mild bathroom humor
  • Mild non-sexual physical intimacy

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Diabolic by Soumya


Themes - 4.43 MB



Theme features :

1. The wallpaper contains a 3d masked Devil which can scare anyone.

2. Fully modified border Anna icons with Pure devil color combination.

3. All new Red & black colored 9 piece elements works faster on device.

4. Over 850+ 3rd party icons added.

5. New styled elements & fonts added in calculator .

6. New music player elements added (Thanks to my friend Raj)

7. Free for a limited period .

Many thanks to brother Sevimlibrad for his amazing Icons.

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| soumyadeepbshn@gmail.com

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